Healing Prospective On Friendship

I thank God for my childhood friend. I have one best friend (other than of course, my husband). Actually, I show her more of the raw feelings than my husband because of our backgrounds. We can tell each other anything and have it not be a shock. We have seen every emotion in each other. We have gone through childhood, marriages and raising children to adulthood.

About twelve years ago, I got excited about positive thinking topics. I worked hard on self-improvement and saw results. It’s only been in the past four years that I’ve had difficulty keeping up with it. There are a variety of reasons for this. The kids are grown now. My father died. I’ve moved a couple of times and left my career. It takes time to build new relationships. What used to be seen as enthusiasm as a young person can be viewed as annoying as an older person. Trends change and opportunities become fewer.

At least one thing the people on my caseload appreciated was that they could talk to me about almost anything. They didn’t have to say what they thought I wanted to hear. If they were agitated, I would say, “It sounds like you’re having a rough day. Let’s talk about it.” They always left feeling better than when they arrived. I miss those conversations, too.

Church can be awkward sometimes because on Sunday mornings, people are in a hurry and have families that need attending to. If there are individuals who are feeling discouraged, those feelings may not be addressed and an opportunity missed.

Whether in positive thinking, healing or prosperity teachings, real life can sometimes be glossed over. Yes, how we react to an event can determine an outcome. No, Santa Claus does not deliver toys to every child in the world. No, not every person is healed. No, not every determined, hard worker will see their dreams come true or become wealthy.

Smiling, thinking positive and “fake it ’til you make it” will not take away the pain of crime, war, violence, disease, injury or oppression. Standing up for justice, action and change can.

I’m glad that I have a friend I can be real with and she with me. We laugh, cry, curse if needed (in extreme situations), sometimes all in the same conversation. There is no faking it. This may sound strange but in a way, God is part of the conversation. There is more healing taking place in that moment for me than any other setting.